What is the cost of shutters?

The cost of shutters depends on a number of factors.

What type of shutter do you want?

How secure does the shutter need to be?

How big will the shutter be?

Who do you want to install the shutter?

You need to firmly establish the answer to each of these points before you can truly compare the cost of shutters?

Firstly the type of shutter you require will dramatically impact the overall cost as the materials used and the labor involved will dramatically effect the overall cost. For example a Solid steel shutter is a fairly basic construction of solid steel lath, where as a chainlink shutter is made up of a large number of tubes and links that have to be individually threaded together onto steel or aluminium rods to complete the shutter.

The size of the shutter may seem like an obvious consideration but is often overlooked when concealing tall openings as a large portion of the cost of the shutter will be allowing someone to work at high level to fix it.

Who will be installing the shutter? This is often a point of contention as you can always order in a shutter on a supply only basis and install it yourself, this will always be the most cost effective option. However most suppliers will have there own installers or at least be able to recommend and accredited installer that will give you a warranty and a form of come back if you were to have any issues. This becomes even more important when looking at Fire Shutter as you need to follow the guidelines set out by building control often recommending the use of a third party accredited installer.

The cheapest shutter will not always be the most cost effective over time. Always ensure you know what you are getting.

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Fire Shutters

Fire shutters are not in the same category as other counter shutters as they are there for a completely different reason.

A fire resistant counter shutter is essentially an automatic fire barrier that is linked back to the fire alarm and designed to close in a fire situation

Fire Shutters are often part of the buildings fire strategy, fire shutters can help protect stock, property and more importantly lives. You should endure that any fire shutter you buy is accredited and it should also be installed by an accredited installer.


Fire Shutters are always going to be more expensive than traditional shutters for the simple reason that they are fire rated. Fire ratings can very in time from 30 minutes to 4 hours, it is incredibly important that you know the rating you require when looking for a fire shutter.


You can only purchase Fire shutter in steel. Different manufacturers may have alternate cores to increase fire resistance and this should always be considered when specifying the type of shutter required.

Colour Options

Fire shutters are frequently powder coated and may normally be matched up to many RAL or BS colours.


A Fire resistant counter shutter is also a great option for security, it will not only provide a Fire barrier, it also completely prevents the shuttered area from view.

Most Fire shutters come with controls to bring them up and down as you wish as well as the automatic closing in a fire situation.


Fire shutters can be found in manual or electric operation based upon the specification and dimensions. Electrically operated fire shutters can either be driven down by the motor in a fire situation or gravity close depending on the type of shutter you require.

Electric operation Fire shutters are usually controlled with a hold to operate rocker switch or key switch and really should include a manual override just in case of power loss.

Air flow

Fire shutters by there character are likely to provide you with very little if any air flow.


As with airflow a fire shutter is not designed for this purpose, once closed the visibility is reduced to zero.

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Punched Counter Shutters

Punched counter-top shutters can be a affordable way to maintain a good level of airflow and viability whilst supplying a great amount of security. Punched shutters are typically a little more expensive than solid shutters because the punching process adds time to manufacture A punched counter shutter provides a degree of security deterring any potential theft although openings can allow hands to reach through which you should consider if you're securing an area that's open to the general public after you're closed. This can be overcome if the punched areas are able to be glassed although this will minimise airflow.


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Chainlink Counter Shutters

A Chainlink counter shutter provides a basic degree of security supplying a barrier to deter any potential theft although openings may allow hands to reach through which must be considered if you're securing an area that's available to the general public once you are closed. Most Chainlink security shutters have the option to be fitted with extra locks by means of padlocks at the bottom of the shutter or pin locks penetrating the guides to improve your general security. These locks may also be fitted with isolators to avoid the accidental operation from the shutter before the locks are removed.


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Perforated Counter Shutters

Perforated counter shutters can be powder coated and can normally be matched to most RAL or BS colours. If you are looking to minimise the visual impact of your shutter and draw attention to your display then using a dark coloured shutter and lighting the secured area can be very effective.


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Solid Counter Shutters

If you are looking for the most cost effective way to install a metal roller shutter to your counter or worktop you are probably going to be best of looking at a solid shutter. Solid shutters are almost always cheaper than a perforated option as there is less work required in manufacture. However you should always consider the weight implications of a solid shutter and ensure your structure can support it


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